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Full line distributor of Contiech Hydraulic & Industrial hose divisions.  Our shop provides over the counter custom hose assemblies made while you wait.

The experience of our team allows us to over a wide variety of hydraulic repairs for almost any applicaiton. We can also troubleshoot your system to find your problem.

24 Hours, 7 Days A Week. Rain or Shine. If you blow a hose in the field and you need a new one made up ASAP, call us. Our service truck is fully stocked with hose and fittings ready to respond. 

We provide one-stop trade services, including: procurement, inspection, packaging and delivery so as to meet the needs of our customers.

Sometimes all you think you need is a cylinder reseal because the rod seal was leaking. A lot of times we find the rod is bent and a reseal won't do the job. We make piston rods in-house.

Do you have a frozen clevis pin that won't move at all? Don't worry, we're experts in removing stuck pins. We can machine new replacement pins same day to expedite repairs.


Premeire Hydraulic Service Provider

Mercury Hydraulics has been established as the premier company when it comes to hydraulic service in the field of heavy equipment and cylinder repairs. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and we travel across the nation to provide heavy repairs. Our service offering is true full service. We offer on-site repairs with a compliment of service vehicles to support our techs on the ground. Our equipment in-house allows us to breakdown the biggest cylinders. We call our nutbuster table, Nutzilla. Tooling is made in-house when speacilty applications come in and we don't already the necessary tooilng. Our machine shop fabricates custom piston rod and cylinder components.


New Service Truck. 15 Ton Crane.

We recently added a 15 Ton crane truck to our service vehicle fleet. This gives a fleet like no other service company out there. This allows us broaden our service offering to customers who've never experienced service like we offer. This removes the need for the heaviest equipmnet to be transported off your job-site and to the dealer. Instead, you call us and with our fleet of service trucks and team of experienced technicians we will complete the repair without you having to arrage for the equipment to be transported off-site then back on-site and the weeks or months waiting on the dealer to fit you in their schedule.


Complete hydraulic system repairs. On-site or in our yard.


Complete hydraulic system repairs. On-site or in our yard.


Complete hydraulic system repairs. On-site or in our yard.


Complete hydraulic system repairs. On-site or in our yard.

Mercury Hydraulics

Full Service Hydraulic Service Provider. All you need to do is pickup the phone and call us. Tell us what your problem is and how soon you need it fixed and we will get started on creating a solution for you.


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